Peculiar Paradise

Florida Photographs by Nathan Benn focuses on the year 1981, a time when South Florida became notorious as the gateway for narcotics and a destination for Caribbean immigrants, while in other parts of the state, life went on without interruption or conflict.

Florida Forts

Florida Forts: On the Edge of Empire is a Florida history book that tells the story of many of the great fortifications that are found all over the state from Pensacola to the Dry Tortugas. 

Legend Tripping

Enter the exciting world of myth and monsters, the paranormal, UFOs, lost treasures, and mysterious places. Delve into these awesome legends and learn how easy and inexpensive it is to search for the subjects of these stories and what you'll need to look for them.

Ashley's Shadow

Historical fiction based on the 1934 murder of Ethel Allen. For decades the case remains unsolved until young journalist, Brad Kirby, working for Dead End Magazine, begins to follow a lead.

Sinister Swamps

For the last decade, noted author and adventurer Lyle Blackburn has delved into the world of swamps, collecting reports of strange phenomena and boating through their bubbling backwaters to seek the truth behind the fascinating tales.

Weird Florida

The book that started it all! Join Florida's Master of the Weird Charlie Carlson as he breaks down the stranger sights and stories of the Sunshine state. 

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