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Old Central Florida roadside sign

Where do we get these stories? 

Marvels and mysteries can be found everywhere, even in outer space, but we believe

Florida is the capital of Weird. We are famous for being infamous.  From the days of

Prohibition to just about anything that happened last week, we’ve got an endless supply

of wild stories waiting to be tapped in to and shared with our equally quirky audience. 

We are armed with a team of weirdos that will bring you the very best or worst in the

world of weird.   

Mia Laurenzo

Who's behind this?

Head weirdo is Mia Laurenzo, a native Floridian and 36-year veteran of public television in Miami. Currently she's owner of SideShow Charlie Productions which produces this podcast as well as producer and promotions coordinator for South Florida’s Storyteller station, WLRN.  She's produced multiple award winning, nationally distributed documentaries.  However, she is not alone in this creation.

Florida's Master of the Weird Charlie Carlson

The original weirdo...

This podcast idea is being inspired beyond the grave by Florida’s Master of the Weird Charlie Carlson.  He was a tenth generation Floridian, folk historian, author, radio and television personality, mentor, and former business partner who ultimately became family.  Together they traveled thousands of miles in the Sunshine State for the public television shows WEIRD FLORIDA: Roads Less Traveled and WEIRD FLORIDA: On the Road Again produced by WLRN. 


Our Partnership

SoFlo Weird has partnered with Florida Historian and author Cesar Becerra where he will be exclusively sharing his latest works, findings, and many interesting Florida facts with us! You can track Cesar's movements on our SoFlo Weird Facebook page under the heading "Where's Cesar." You can also book Cesar for talks, presentations, and even "in character" events by calling the SoFlo hotline at 754-202- 3207 or by emailing our parent site SideShow Charlie Productions at

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