Rob Robinson, author and

ultimate legend tripper. 

Chris Mancini, attorney, author,

true crime history enthusiast

and founder of Crime History, Inc.

Exhibit at Crime History Museum
Mia Laurenzo and Michelle McArdle
Weirdo in training Michelle McArdle 
Contributor for publications such as
Humid Being Magazine and employee
of the Museum of Arts and Sciences
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Sideshow Charlie Productions

produced by

Zach Zacharias, Senior Curator of Education and History, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, FL.


Zach is a Florida native and holds degrees from FSU, UCF, and has a Masters in Education from NSU. He specializes in Florida history, art, and paleontology.

Zach has traveled all over Northeast and Central Florida conducting outreach presentations on the museum's collections and other various Florida history topics including at the Smithsonian Institution. 


He is a cast member for a series called “The Fossil Hunters” currently airing on WDSC. 

Zach serves as Vice Chair on the Volusia County Historic Preservation Board. 


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