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Cesar A.  Becerra is a South Florida historian who’s taken part in chronicling and sharing the stories of the region for two decades.  He is the author of half a dozen books ranging from hiking the Appalachian Trail to the logging history of the Big Cypress Preserve.  He is the former publisher of The Everglade Magazine, an award winning publication printed during Everglades National Park's 50th anniversary. He also has a penchant for hidden history and knows no boundaries or distances when it comes to searching for it. 


Rob Robinson, author of Legend Tripping; The Ultimate Adventure and ultimate guide for following the mysterious and unknown. 

Mia Laurenzo and Michelle McArdle
Weirdo, Co-Conspirator, Creator of the SoFlo Weird Street Team and Emerging Media Specialist. Michelle McArdle has been a contributing writer for publications such as Humid Being Magazine and Savannah Morning News.
Zach Zacharias with fossil at MOAS

Zach Zacharias, Senior Curator of Education and History, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, FL. Zach is a Florida native and holds degrees from FSU, UCF, and has a Masters in Education from NSU. He specializes in Florida history, art, and paleontology. Zach has traveled all over Northeast and Central Florida conducting outreach presentations on the museum's collections and other various Florida history topics including at the Smithsonian Institution. He is a cast member for a series called “The Fossil Hunters” currently airing on WDSC. Zach serves as Vice Chair on the Volusia County Historic Preservation Board. 


Authors provided by The Miami Book Fair. Here at SoFlo HQ, we love to support The Miami Book Fair and it’s featured Florida authors, both weird and wonderful!  For a complete list of 2022 Florida authors...  


Robert S. Carr is an archaeologist with the Miami Archaeology and Historical Conservancy and author. Studying the ancient and uncovering the unusual, Robert has told us about his "time slips" and was the author of our short story read "Conch Chowder." His latest work the novel Python Conspiracy, is due to come out soon. You can check out his works below.

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