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Our Top Secret Limited Edition Skunk Ape candle may or may not attract an odiferous bipedal humanoid, but it is gauranteed to make you laugh.  This handcrafted, all natural candle made with pure essential oils, has hints of patchouli and amber so it's scent is a little woodsy and a little spicy.   The jar measures approximately 3.5 inches high x 2.5 inches wide and contains 6 oz of scented soy wax.  It's packaged in a box with redacted news stories of Florida Skunk Ape sightings. 

Skunk Ape Candle

  • FREE standard shipping.

    Bigfoot is facing a serious threat to his habitat! To confront all envrionmental risks shipping poses all of our products are shipped with compostable and biodegradable materials! 

  • Returns only available for incorrect sizing, goods that arrived damaged (must provide evidence they were damaged upon arrival), or incorrectly processed orders. We will only offer a refund if we were unable to resolve any of the above issues.

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