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Florida history as it's never been told before.  In the making since Miami's Centennial 25 years ago, historian Cesar A. Becerra brings to light  the question of co-mother of Miami status of Mary Bulmer Brickell.  Mary Brickell was a major landowner, developer and very savvy businesswoman, who seems to have been largely overlooked and overshadowed in the pages of our past.  Orange Blossom 2.0 reveals Cesar's decades of research that tells the true story of the founding of Miami and this remarkable woman who deserves her place in the history books.  


Orange Blossom 2.0 Book - Additional Formats


    • TEACHER'S EDITION - SOFT / SPIRAL BOUND BOOK:  This 9x12 spiral bound, 88 page abridged book, created as a teaching tool for 4th graders, is now available for purchase. It has everthing you need and want to know about Mary Brickell, the forgotten Mother of Miami. 


    • AUDIO DOWNLOAD LINK  Abridged one hour version of professional recording by Cesar Becerra at Alcione Studios. Pre-order - Available soon


    • CD: Abridged one hour version of professional recording by Cesar Becerra at Alcione Studios. Pre-Order Available soon


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