The Untold History of Miami

Historian, Cesar A. Becerra prepares to unveil and bury debate concerning Mary Brickell as Miami’s unrecognized mother on the city’s 125th anniversary.


We are fast approaching the 125th anniversary of the founding of Miami, July 28, 1896, and there is no better way to commemorate this historic day than by learning about the history of Miami with historian and author Cesar A. Becerra. Cesar’s new book, Orange Blossom 2.0  tells the untold story of Miami’s “Other Mother” Mary Brickell and her integral and often overlooked role in the founding of Miami.

Since the celebration of Miami’s Centennial 25 years ago, Becerra has been on a mission to find the truth and share this story.  He has been amassing new documents and proof that Mary Bulmer Brickell could very well be the most marginalized female founder in Miami history.

“Orange Blossom 2.0”  is the result of that journey and gathering spree that has trickled slowly into an avalanche becoming hard to ignore.

As a special 125th anniversary celebration Cesar has also created a “time capsule” of Miami by working with designer Cindy Seip and over a dozen collectors to curate a crate which features authentic artifacts and puts the history of Miami right in the hands of those who purchase it. Proceeds from the sale of the time capsule aid public projects such as the partial restoration of the Brickell map at FIU, the Mary Brickell deed at the downtown Miami-Dade Public library, and to support efforts of conservation at three historic African American cemeteries.

Further information including additional visuals available on request .