Creepy People

Creepy crimes featuring the odd romance of Key West physician Count Carl von Cosel and his corpse bride; Rudy Eugene Miami's own cannibal who ate the face off of his victim; and Fred Ferrara who was found dumping body parts out of a car window while joy riding on the Palmetto Expressway. Then we tell the tale of Weird Town USA, Gibsonton Florida.  This is a place where people from circus sideshow acts once lived liked the mule faced woman, the human block head, the bearded lady and the lobster boy.  It was also the inspiration for American Horror Story: Freak Show.   

Sinners & Saints

The life and crimes involving Florida's infamous strippers like Kathy Willets and her deputy sheriff husband's extortion scheme; Zorita the snake dancer and the U.S. Attorney Kendall Coffey's drunken binge when he bit a stripper after losing a case, just to name a few.  To repent all your sins, we then feature Daytona Beach's drive thru church where you can wear your Sunday best or last night's nothing at all.  And finally, in Bristol Florida we reveal the true Garden of Eden, yes that Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve where the first sin originated from.  COMING SOON


Florida is famous for being infamous.  Turbulent times plagued South Florida in the 1980's.  Cocaine cowboys ran wild in Miami, the drug trade was amassing billions of dollars and there was a rapid increase of immigrants arriving on our shores. In the midst of all this chaos, National Geographic photographer and native Floridian Nathan Benn was tasked with the assignment of returning to his hometown to feature Florida and all it's glory.  A Peculiar Paradise is his book which contains a vast collection of his photographs taken while on assignment.  We talk with Nathan about his experiences.       

THE BOOK WIZARD of daytona Beach 

Jim Sass is his name and he has a very unusual bookstore called Abraxas.  With approximately 150,000 books  it's a treasure trove for book lovers, avid learners and truth seekers.  Jim has been a longtime resident of Daytona and has bore witness to it's transition from a seedy seaside town to a bustling tourist community.  We sat down with Jim to talk about Daytona's more troubling times including witchcraft murders and serial killers.    

The Nomadic Travelers 

The SoFlo Weird Show meets up with the Nomadic Travelers, Jason Lawrence and Nicole Potter who offer travel tips and personal experiences for people seeking adventures both in the US and abroad. We decided to talk about their journeys and find out if they’ve discovered anything weird. It turns out; they've been to a very small town that is home to the world’s biggest things. And there’s a spooky story behind the town of Story Indiana. What may be the weirdest though is how they met and became the Nomadic Travelers. Then we take a trip down memory lane to highlight some of Florida’s roadside oddities like the Possum Monument, Cement Alligators and the World’s Smallest Police Station.



Weird crimes and stupid people

In true Florida Man style a team of weirdos discuss real headlines of bizarre crimes and the stupid people who commit them. Like the Case of the Toxic Tush, where a fake doctor performs botched beauty procedures by injecting Fix-A-Flat and cement in the rear end of would be patients; or the man who robs an adult bookstore using a sex toy. It’s all true, it’s all weird and of course, it’s only in Florida.

legend tripping

Florida ranks third in the nation for Skunk Ape sightings.  How do we know that?  We rely on reports of eye witness accounts and legend trippers who investigate such claims.  The SoFlo Weird Show caught up with Florida's own Indiana Jones of legend tripping, Rob Robinson who's written a how to book on the subject.  Still not sure what it is? Think about the 1980's movie "The Goonies" or today's "Stranger Things", legend tripping is all about adventure and searching for the truth.  Be it a ghost story, Big Foot, UFO's or water monsters, these adventure seekers are always on the hunt. 

Weird writers

The SoFlo Weird team hits up The Miami Book Fair in search of weird writers.  This event draws more than 300 national and international artists from around the world making it ground zero for eclectic storytellers.  We discover a secret plot to kill George Washington with New York Times bestseller Brad Meltzer.  Then we talk with the one and only snowman expert Bob Eckstein, an award winning illustrator, New York Times bestseller and cartoonist for the New Yorker.  It's a classic case of weirdness fueling creativity resulting in success.

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